Archive/vulkan-osFollowed instructions at 6 years
Data/animeAnime List 8 days
Devices/archionConfiguration for Arch on Medion Laptop as Home Server 7 months
Devices/serverConfiguration for Main Server 5 months
Games/BomberTux/bombertux-hero3D Godot Bomberman Hero
Games/BomberTux/bombertux-story2D Godot Bomberman Story (Tournament) 5 months
Games/bomberman-story2 weeks
Games/cooperative-common-good-gameBrowser game inspired by "Tribal Wars" 4 months
Games/tic-tac-tux 5 months
Games/tuxemon-clickerClicker-Game with Tuxemon - 8 months
PiHole/valnetinc.block.list6 weeks
Vereine/PrideNES/cf7-to-weblingWordPress "Contact Form 7" Submission to Webling Membership API 7 months
adminer-dark-modeDark mode for adminer 3 months
cgit-dockercgit running in docker 8 months
dotfilesyadm managed dotfiles 2 months
dweipert.de 5 months
gemini-foundationGemini PHP Library 4 months
gemini-http-proxyGemini HTTP Proxy for a single domain 6 months
hausHaus Internals 5 months
image-sync4 months
install-archon (my) MacBookPro10,2 6 months
mtg-pdfMTG Decklist to printable PDF 3 months
pihole-dns-proxyDNS Proxy App to connect with local PiHole 12 months